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I bought a new Windows 10 computer on a black Friday sale and I have noticed that Easel will not open in Microsoft Edge. Has anyone else had this issue? Everything works fine in Firefox and Chrome. It is just that Edge will never open Easel. I let it try to load for over 20 minutes and still nothing.

Just went down to the wife’s windows 10 system and logged into my Easel account. logged in a went to a project right away with issue in Microsoft edge. I would recommend checking to see if there are any updates you need. there might have been some update that is needed as my wife has had windows 10 since release and everyone knows about windows updates.

Hi @JeffHolmes,

We aren’t seeing any widespread issues with Easel in Edge. Are you still having trouble? Are you trying to load a specific project, or does it happen even if you try to go to and create a new project?

It isn’t an issue with a specific project because Edge won’t load any project I try. I really doubt it is an update issue either because I had to run all of the updates before Windows would start for the first time. I don’t know if you guys really read my first post but this is a NEW system I bought on a Black Friday sale. It isn’t like I’m upgrading to Windows 10 and having issues. The reason I asked the question is because other browsers on the same computer work with no issues. What I would like to know is if there is a particular plug-in that I need for Edge to work with Easel. Both Firefox and Chrome work flawlessly on this same computer so it has got to be something with Edge. It is reasons like this that cause be to stay away from Microsoft browsers.

Have you let Windows 10 install all the updates? (I know you said that it did, but Windows can lie!)

Just because it’s a newly purchased system doesn’t mean it’s fully updated. The PC probably was loaded with the same Windows 10 image that a computer 1-2 years ago was, relying on Internet connectivity to update to the latest version. I just bought a new Mini PC and had to tell it to download the Creator’s Update for Windows 10 to get it updated. It’d be a nightmare for companies to constantly roll out image updates to the production floor when updates are released on a weekly basis.

There’s a way to check the status of updates, you might want to try to force an update and see if it corrects the problem. I’d Google for “windows 10 windows update” and check on it.

YES I did the updates. I am fully aware of the pitfalls of Windows 10 that is one reason that that the NASA center i work at is still running Windows 7. I don’t mean to sound rude but I’m a instrumentation technician in a NASA lab so i really don’t need a lesson on how updates work or how software is rolled out. Maybe i’m missing something but i have never seen a Windows update fix a problem that one browser was having when others on the same computer are not having that issue. I would really like to hear that explanation.

I honestly thought my original question was pretty straight forward. Is there something in Easel that Edge may not support or is there a plug-in i need? CHROME AND FIREFOX RUN EASEL PERFECTLY ON THE SAME COMPUTER. The simple solution is for me to not use Edge as my browser. I prefer to run Firefox personally but i was curious if the was a known issue running Edge with Easel.

Please tell us where in your other posts you mentioned your profession? In all honesty, it doesn’t matter what you do, we’re just trying to help based on our experiences. My experiences are that I’m an Electrical Engineer that was a web developer while in college.

It’s really quite simple. Windows Updates will include patches to Edge to fix compatibility issues, fix security problems, and other misc. bugs. Chrome and Firefox are independent 3rd party software when it comes to the Windows platform. Chrome is developed by Google. Windows Updates do not touch Chrome since different companies develop them. Firefox is developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Once again, a 3rd party piece of software that Windows Updates would not touch. Edge, and IE, are both Microsoft developed so they will routinely include updates to IE and Edge in Windows Updates. So, that is how a Windows Update will correct an issue with one browser and not the other ones.

The issue isn’t with the computer itself, but the piece of software installed on the computer. Once again, Firefox and Chrome are 3rd party independent pieces of software that will process the same information differently. It’s one of the biggest challenges about being a web developer. Cross browser compatibility has gotten a lot better than what it used to be but there are still differences between Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Edge (and other lesser known browsers as well).

Also, Edge works for me:

@JustinBusby I only mentioned my profession to make the point that I understand Windows and how updates work. I said in my earlier post that i had installed all updates. I don’t remember asking to be treated like I don’t know how to run Windows updates.

So what is my copy of Edge missing or is there something Easel is missing to communicate with my version of Edge? What version of Edge is needed to run Easel? That is what I was trying to ask, I didn’t think i needed to include all of the information on Windows i already understand . How does acting like I don’t know how to run updates answer my question? It doesn’t.

Updates can also break things that worked previously. I have seen this happen many times. Since I have a new computer with all the updates I thought that might be the case and wondered if anyone else had had the same issue. I don’t know if you have an older or newer Windows update than I do. Telling me to run Windows updates again without telling me what i need is like turning up my radio to see better. It is at best a shot in the dark which is never a solution. It might work but why?

I’m really glad that Easel is running on your version of Edge but what does that prove? It makes my question more valid than ever. What exactly is my computer missing? I have loaded all the Windows updates and I’m not going to the trouble of monkeying with the OS just so I can run Easel with Edge. I will just use Firefox.

I’m not saying you don’t know what you are talking about but i just don’t see how it answers my questions. I realize that this post might sound like I’m upset but I’m really not. I just don’t like being treated like a simpleton. I think everyone on this forum has a grasp on windows and updates. How does that answer the WHY? What if I did a force update and it didn’t work? In fact that is the case. So what now? Edge is broken or am I missing a plug-in? I’m right back to my original question and all this talk about how software is rolled out has been a waste of time and saying “Edge works for me” isn’t really any help either.

That wasn’t your question originally. If you’re trying to ask a specific question, then ask it. We’re not mind readers. We truly want to help.

Your first post mentioned nothing about updates. Your second post says it required updates before using it. I replied saying to VERIFY it’s everything. I said that because I too bought a black friday pc and needed to update it.

Here’s the two key things:

Start -> Settings -> About. Here’s mine. The version of 1703 is important. That’s the latest “service pack” of Win10.


Here’s my Edge version that is working:

I have installed nothing special concerning Edge so it’s just fully updated Windows.

It answers your original question of “Has anyone else had this issue?” :smile:

I never assume anybody has a grasp on anything. Not treating you as a simpleton either. Read posts here and you’ll see 9 times out of 10 the original post says “I checked everything!” but then the fix is something that was claimed to have been checked. It’s the nature of troubleshooting and getting “another set of eyes” on it.

In my experiences, it’s usually the obvious things that cause the problems.

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Yes you are correct that is not what I asked. I simply asked if anyone else had the same issue. Where does that indicate that i need a lesson in software development? A simple yes or no would work and if yes what was the fix. How is that asking you to read my mind? I didn’t mention updates because it was a general question being asked. Don’t get me wrong i don’t mind being asked if i have the current updates but i don’t see how the explanation of how updates work actually fixes the issue? It is clear from your first post that you thought i didn’t know what i was doing. Nowhere in any of my posts did i indicate that just because i had a new computer is was up to date out of the box.

I even said that i ran the updates but i wasn’t aware that i need to leave a step by step description on how i did it.

I guess this bothers me because a few weeks ago Google dropped some fonts that Easel Pro used and this caused many people issues. We were unable to open Easel because the fonts were no longer there and we had installed them. I thought i would look in the forums for help on this and all i could find even from people inside Inventables was “Mine works” This is NO help to the person having problems with Easel. Taking this approach on the forums belittles the person asking the question, as if they just don’t know what they are talking about. It makes me sick to see that done. If i want to be mistreated i can find a better place than this to do so.

See now this is useful, it gives me something i can check to make sure my settings are the same as a working copy of Edge. Thank you.

I agree completely that is why i asked the question in my first post. How does the explanation of software updates or assuming that i don’t know how to update my system answer that? I’m not saying it isn’t good information just off topic kinda like this conversation.

While it might be off-topic, I feel like a response is needed. If a moderator feels otherwise, please feel free to delete this post.

Please note, I’m also not deliberately trying to provoke an argument or anything. I just feel like another side needs to be presented to help explain the interaction at this point. I am in no way upset nor trying to belittle anybody or mistreat anybody in any way, shape, or form. I’m just attempting to present my reasoning for my responses earlier.

You ask a simple question of “Has anyone else had this issue?” and yet when people respond with “It works” and “Check your updates” as an answer all of a sudden it’s belittling? Dude, seriously, nobody meant it as belittling, it was all just trying to be helpful and answer the question as asked. Yes answers here are routinely sarcastic but being immediately on the defensive helps nobody. By asking such a simple question, you’re actually continuing the cycle that you’re ranting about…

First off, you didn’t originally ask about any potential fixes, you simply asked if it worked. Secondly, if people responded that it did work, they offered suggestions about a fix being to update your Windows, which is apparently EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED. I guess I’m confused as to the problem in that case…

You asked for it. You specifically said “I would really like to hear that explanation” so I explained how a Windows Update would fix a problem with one browser that is developed and semi-integrated into Windows by the same developer. Again, I’m confused how you ask for an explanation then get seemingly angry when an explanation is given because that explanation somehow “belittles” you. I was just doing what you asked. I apologize if it was taken as a lecture.

See this from my last post. It’s nothing personal, just a standard way of operating on an online forum that expertise ranges from none to expert. I’ve been around forums for 15+ years now, I always operate the same way because you just never know.

I wasn’t at my Win 10 laptop to give that originally but I was trying to be helpful and setting you on a path to a solution. I routinely check these forums on my phone or on a non-Windows 10 machine and while I can remember alot, I can’t remember every click and keystroke.


Threads like this always remind me that some folk don’t see the difference between the Forum and Inventables support. Although we all know Inventables has second-to-none support, they cannot possibly read each and every post.

This forum is about sharing and learning. Sounds like you are looking for a quick answer to a loaded question. (there are umpteen parameters at play here… )

So, @JeffHolmes, if you are not happy or satisfied with having experienced users share their insights and smarts with you, then I strongly suggest you pony up an email and/or call to Inventables staff. Hopefully you’ll share any information that you receive from them.

Good luck … hope you find what you are looking for.


I know this thus the question about Edge not working. I don’t know how i can make that any clearer. My original post covered that but it was a general question. I thought i made it clear that i don’t use Edge or any other Microsoft browser and this wasn’t really an issue for me but wondered if others had seen this problem. Honestly, why is this so hard to answer? Either you have had this happen to you or not and if you have please share what you have learned about it.

I’m truly sorry for asking a generalized question but i never thought it would turn in to a lecture of how Windows handles software development.

If you knew what an instrumentation tech does you wouldn’t ask that. It is part of my job to keep all of our data systems operational and that includes making sure that correct updates are applied to all software used. I only pointed out what i do to make a point and that is that when i say that i have done something i mean that i have. Please don’t assume that i don’t know what I’m doing. That is exactly what JustinBusby did in his post. I didn’t post on the forum to be mistreated and talked down to.

I grow very tired of coming to these forums and seeing someone asking a simple question only to have people treat them like they are idiots. People come here for help not to be treated like preschoolers or to hear someone rant about something just so they can feel smarter than everyone else.

@RonSabourin I agree completely. I had a general question that I hoped some of the experienced people might share their insight on but instead it turned into a lecture on a different topic. I thought this might help someone other than myself and i have made it VERY clear that I DON"T USE EDGE OR ANY OTHER MICROSOFT BROWSER. If you have insight on the topic at hand then please share it but don’t waste our time with lectures on other topics.

Do you mean like i have already done?

Oh my, i never said that everyone is like that. In general i find the forums very helpful but please can we stay on topic? ALL i wanted was to raise awareness that there might be an issue running Easel with Edge and if i wasn’t the first to notice it maybe someone had already addressed the issue and share what they learned. Isn’t that how it works? I can go to Youtube if i want a lecture.

Honestly am i asking too much?

I apologize for my perceived talking down to or belittling. It was not intended nor meant as a way to feel smarter than anybody else. I was truly trying to answer questions posed and provide my experiences.

I provided you a screen capture of my Windows and Edge versions that were operational with Easel. I hope those can assist you in solving your problem.

Good luck.


@JustinBusby I truly appreciate the screen shots and when i get time (maybe this weekend) i will see if i find anything.

I feel that maybe we were talking around each other i should have made it clearer in the start that I didn’t need help personally but it was more of a heads up with hope that somebody else had fixed it so that could be shared with the group. That is why i searched the forums before i posted. I find it hard to believe that out of all the Easel user I’m the only one to have had this issue.

I sincerely apologize for allowing this topic to be hijacked like this.To be honest the forums was the deciding factor in buying from Inventables. I didn’t feel like i could add anything to the discussions until i owned the same equipment as others on this site. I will answer any questions i can and will do my best to be respectful as long as I’m treated the same way. I view myself as just an average Joe but i can read. I believe that the majority of people on these forums are very similar to myself. These people are smart you have to be to get your X-Carve up and running.

From this point i will see if we can’t get to the root of the Easel / Edge issue and share the results.

For what its worth @JustinBusby isn’t on the latest version of Windows 10 or Edge. Something in the latest update may be the issue
@JeffHolmes When time permits take a look at what version you are on. That may point everyone in the correct direction.

Also Microsoft doesn’t like to make anything simple. They currently have 3 different release channels for W10 updates still active. This is down from the 5 they had for a while. :disappointed_relieved:So for some users, even when it says up to date, if you are not on their current channel, unless you go and get the update package from the Windows 10 download site, you won’t have the latest version.

Lastly, there may not be many users experiencing this issue because, in comparison to the other browsers available, Edge’s user base is extremely small. Its another half baked solution coming from a company known for half baked solutions. Heck, even Microsoft employees are ditching it :rofl:

Take this with a grain of salt. Just my experience coming form a systems engineer who has to “play nice” with Microsoft on a daily basis. :roll_eyes:

I do think that comparing the versions of W10 and Edge will point people looking for a solution in the right direction though

Also for reference here is the latest and greatest if you are not a Microsoft Insider.


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@RickPeterson thanks for the information. I don’t like using Microsoft software anymore than i have too which is way too much. That is one reason I run Firefox. In any case maybe we can figure this out and pass the information on to help others.

You are correct, I have not installed the Fall Creators Update as it hasn’t pushed out to me yet. It’s apparently still being rolled out worldwide (link) and the “Current Branch” is still at 1703. The same goes for the version of Edge as I assume that will come with the Fall Creators Update. I will try to force that upgrade tonight and report back if I have any issues.