Microsoft Updates

I’ve been having a problem with my machine stopping mid carve for the last few days. I have everything grounded because I’ve had this problem before and that was the cause of it.
I’ve been told that Microsoft has done a bunch of updates in the last few days, so I was wondering if anyone else if having this issue.


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You will likely want to verify the power saving settings and sleep settings are disabled. AND there’s a more hidden setting called USB Selective suspend, but they keep moving it around, it used to be within those advanced power settings in Windows 10 (and I’ve yet to update to windows 11) and in Win11 a few updates in it was re-located and I’m not sure where it is on the latest update, but you’ll want to google that and make sure it’s set to disabled because windows keeps setting this to enabled by default and this can result in USB port shutting off mid carve.


Ok thank you

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