Mid Carve Freeze Issue

Thanks in advance for looking and any suggestions you may have.

Here’s my set up:

Xcarve desktop. G-Code generated toolpaths are sent directly to Laptop.

V – Carve 10.5 with most recent update

UGS - software

Laptop w/ 4 gig ram runs the controller and all carves are done with that.

History: I’ve been at this for over 2 years now and love working with the machine; except for issues like this, which have only been a few.

Here’s the problem

Today, during a simple carve of a plaque/sign the machine just stopped in the middle of the carve.

This is the error code:

“An error was detected while sending ‘G2X2. 8439Y5. 3339I-0.016J-0.040’. (error33) Motion command target is invalid. Streaming has been paused.”

I took a chance and pushed the RESUME button and it started up again and ran for maybe 30 seconds and stopped again with the same message. I was able to complete the carve by standing there and pushing the RESUME button until it was completed. PITA.

I tried to isolate the issue by starting a new carve (different in all respects) but it took less than 30 seconds for it to freeze up again.

Any and all suggestions welcomed.

I guess that command has some weird formatting for the Xcarve? have you checked: https://inventables.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012848473-Add-Easel-s-post-processor-to-your-Vectric-software ?