Mill bit storage

I am new at this and i am starting to buy mill bits. First thing is how do you tell what size they are? Some of them have a color around them. The other question is how are people organizing their mill bits? I googled imaged drill bit storage but i know there is some clever people on here.

Here is the second one I made. The first was designed to hold about 20 bit in two sizes .25 inch and .125 inch. Then I found out it was much less expensive to purchase bits with metric shank sizes of 4 and 6 mm.

So I made a larger block. I also included a cutout to hold the collets for each size. I also cut two holes above each collet to keep the bits I am getting ready to use on the current project.

If I made another one I would divide each shank size section into 4 quadrants so I could group the ball nose/end mills in the left and right quads and the upcut and downcut in the top and bottom quads.


That’s a great looking design @AllenMassey. I’m going to make my own soon, and I think I’ll incorporate many of your ideas into mine.

Great designs from those above… inspiring for sure. :smile:

I adapted a bit holder design and added some colored resin inlay and branding. Stock is 3/4" MDF, with a poly-u finish. My x-carve is named after the famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi.

I will note that in practical use I shield the bits w/ the little clear caps that ship from Inventables (not pictured), as the space from the bit-to-tools is sometimes too close for comfortable safety.

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