Milling aluminum with a 1/32" bit?

What feed/plunge/depth/rpm settings would you set when using a 1/32" bit to do small detailing as part of milling down 1.5mm piece of aluminum?

I’ve got the Dewalt DWP611, FWIW.

(The block of aluminum itself is .5 inches, but I’m only milling down a total of 1.5mm)

Thats a really thick chunk of aluminum for such a small bit. Does your bit even have the flute length to plunge that deep?

If so, I’d imagine taking very very shallow passes (I dont think I’ve ever used a 1/32" bit in aluminum). Something like .002" at the slowest rpm on the router.

You’ll probably have to do a lot of experimentation with such a thick block of Alu.

Sorry, didn’t word that well…total depth is actually only 1.5mm (i’m creating a branding iron).

I’m not sure a vbit is good for aluminum. I tried it a few weeks ago and the tip of the V snapped off after a single pass :frowning:

Could have been my speeds/feeds though, i didn’t do much testing after that failure since I was in a hurry to finish


a 1/32 bit is just going to cause heartache. They break if you set them down wrong. Milling with them is a nightmare - they constantly break. Better to use some kind of tapered or pointed bit. (V bit, engraving bit).
That way you get the fine point detail without the fragility.
Something with a replicable blade might be better. Because you will probably break a few tips getting your settings dialed in. The replaceable blade ones cost more for the whole setup, but new blades are cheaper than a whole new bit, and you can order a few extra to start with.

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I’d use a V bit too.

Some lube helps with the tip not breaking

I successfully engraved a mild-steel button plate with “MANUAL” about a week ago with the following settings using EASEL.

Feed Rate - 15 in/min
Plunge Rate - 5 in/ min
Depth Per Pass - 0.028 in

I chose these settings on a whim and it seemed to work out this time. That being said, I’ve bumped a 1/32" bit and broken it off and also broke 5 brand new bits carving a single slate coaster.



So you can mill titanium with a .03125" bit but you will run into a few problems with your current setup and the most being rigidity of your machine and work piece

what tool are you using do you by chance have a link you can share I would like to take a look


You must mean .0028"? Right? If not, I’m need to see the video.


I failed to mention that it was only cutting down to 0.005" though…sorry about that…

So yeah…it was be right around 0.005" for the cut…errrrr…scratch as it were… It did come out OK though…