Milling melamine coated MDF

Hi there,

I am trying to mill a rectangular pocket into a piece of melamine coated MDF.

Currently, I am struggling to achieve a clean edge to the cut – the melamine chips.

Can anyone recommend correct feeds / speeds for using an X - Carve?

I was previously using the MDF settings on Easel (1016 mm/min feed rate) with a 3.175mm ball end mill.

Any pointers much appreciated.



Downcut mill probably would help

I Concur!

This is very difficult to do. First, as others said use a downcut bit. Second, divide the work into two stages. The first stage is to lightly score the material using at least two passes to cut through the melamine material. Second, move to normal cutting procedures.

There are several threads here which talk about cutting Melamine. I seem to remember they said to use a bit for cutting plastic works best. Don’t remember if they listed feeds and speeds. Should be pretty straight forward. I also found this entitled “CNC feed rates for Melamine”;

I have had better success if I first make a .06 deep pass on the pocket line with a 60 degree vbit