Mini soda machine

Oh my god. I saw this on Facebook and was thinking the same thing! Only I’d want to use 2litre bottles instead. Would be great if it could fit in a shelf in the fridge.


I wonder if the motors he uses are large enough. Maybe that’s why he only used smaller ones. Excited to see your results!

Good to know! I might just order the parts and maybe include an arduino with a coin mechanism or something haha


Which is likely to cause a flat taste before the bottles are empty, IMO. :worried: Probably better to test before investing a lot of time/money in something like this.

I want to make one for my adult beverages… a little rum, vodka, whiskey… no worries of that going flat. :slight_smile:


You do have to worry about it evaporating the alcohol which lowers the proof.

I don’t think i’ve ever had a bottle open that long for it to be an issue… :slight_smile:

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If the cap is on the bottle and sealed with hot glue or ???, the alcohol wont have a decent escape path.
As for the delivery tube being open to atmosphere, if it is routed with a P-trap like a sink drain, this would keep the tube closed. This wont work with carbonated beverages though since it would simply push the sealing liquid out. Now if one could come up with a hose end valve that would operate when the button is pushed to deliver…
Hoses would need to be clamped then to keep them from blowing off.

But if someone is so polluted that they pour the soda over their hand like in the video, they need to be cut off anyhow.


Well then, it probably won’t hurt the rum, and in that case, who cares about the coke? :laughing:


Oh my gawd. Imagine a machine that perfectly pours a perfect vodka orange juice at the click of a button!


uh, oh.

woman, get me a vodka orange juice!

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You’d have to find a woman first. I’m still trying to find one.

Yeah something like that :slight_smile: I just couldn’t figure out a way go tell him that there ain’t no women here.

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I love that he can’t seem to pour from a bottle into a glass… then proceeds with cutting the sheathing of the wire over his fingers with full confidence.


Thank you for this, I am so down for it.

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I sense gender confusion…

I actually have 4 of those motors floating around. LOL
They are currently in a box with other electronic junk

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Want any of the motors I have Phil?
I have no use for them.

Where does one aquire such motors