Mini wireless Keyboard

Use this to connect to your computer to jog your machine. $15.00 on gear best. Still need to be able to see your screen.

Been using one with my Rasp PI 3 for about a year now and love it, have recommend it several times to this forum for users that complain about jogging controls hard to use etc. etc. nothing like standing directly over and above the piece and moving it exactly where you want it. I’ll say it again. Best thing ever for this system no matter what software you use. I have used it with UGS, Easel, Bcnc, CNCjs, and others. Also you can get them real cheap on alliexpress. just have to wait for shipping.

Just noticed that your doesn’t have the page-up page-down buttons on the right side. how do you move your Z axis with this model.

There is a page up page down just hard to see

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