Minimizing bit marks on edges

Hi! I get these lines on my edges every for every pass it seems. I’m not sure if It is a bit thing or if its something that can be minimized by doing some other settings in Easel. I have tried different bits though and it didn’t really do anything.

I have the Makita router and it is set to 1.

The bottom part of my image has been sanded.

You kinda get that moreso in softwoods like pine than you do in harder woods like Walnut, Maple, even Birch machine better. The softer woods tent to tear more than slice cleanly to create chips. But ensuring the vwheel eccentric nuts are set properly, and the belt is tensioned properly, and then it comes down to the optimal bit selection, and toolpath approach.

In other software like Fusion360, I can program a toolpath to do stepdowns like we can see on your part, but i can also set an extra amount to leave on the wall, where it will come back and remove that small amount in a single pass, and the re will be no steps showing on that wall. There are ways to do this with easel, but they are work arounds and become very tricky to implement.

Another option might be to use a larger bit, and take that cut in a single pass with a slower feed rate…

Thanks! I’ll check the v-wheel eccentric nuts and the belt as well - it has been a while since I did that. I might go the Fusion route as well! thanks for the response!

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