Minimum width mode

It would be nice if there was a “minimum width mode” that, if a part was too small to cut with a bit, it would cut it with a single stroke. This would alleviate some of the time required to go through small parts with the pen tool or modifying points.

The main thing for me is for Easel text and some complex designs that have small parts that are just slightly too small and it would not make sense to me to switch to a slightly smaller bit when the difference is negligible. The Cinzel and other thin fonts are the biggest issues for me.

I have switched to generating Hershey Fonts with Inkscape, but there are some things that cannot do and sometimes I have combined designs with text and graphics.

Building on the main idea here, I would like to see the icon and font library at least list what size bit works for them. For example as Rcannon95 mentioned the default font size and some of the icons are almost to the point where even a 1/32 inch bit wont’ cut them, F-Engrave works fantastic for these, but it would be nice if easel had some option of categorizing at least the icons into bit sizes based on their default size. I usually have to scale up everything so it’s not a huge issue, but I’ve had a few times where I end up creating a job in easel for a straight bit, then several jobs in F-Engrave, then re-home my x.y axis to where I want to v-carve.
I do like however that you can right click on any of the icons, goto open in new tab, then import them into inkscape for adjustment, this for me is quicker than using the points in easel.
Everyone should at least give F-engrave a try, it will even run in Linux using Wine (wine java -jar Universalgcodesender.jar)