Minor issues with Dewalt DWP 611 extruded spindle mount

I purchased the Inventables extruded spindle mount for the Dewalt 611 and installed it on my DIY mill.

  1. The router opening is pretty darn tight, so it is necessary to insert a wedge into the clamp opening to install or remove the router. I don’t know whether this is by design, or due to manufacturing tolerance. In another forum post, someone reports that their DWP 611 became stuck during installation. In my case, I’ve successfully installed and removed the router several times with a wooden wedge.

  2. The depth of the counterbore on the 4 mm spindle clamping bolts leaves very little material to hold the bolt head. One of my bolt heads punched right through while tightening, and the other two bolts were also pulling through. I re-drilled and tapped the holes for M5 bolts, and all is well.

I suggest that Inventables delete the counterbore for the 4 mm spindle clamping bolt holes in future manufacturing runs. If you have the current extrusion, be careful tightening the bolts.

I do like the large clamping area of the mount. With the DWP-611, aluminum cuts like butter, at least with 1/8" end mills.

FYI, I sprang for the Precisebits 1/4" and 1/8" precision grade collet kit, runout spec’d at 0.0004". I measured 0.0015" on mine with a random used end mill, which is in line with my expectations, and good enough for what I’m trying to do with it. Gotta look in the box for the calibration blank!

I have to agree. Had to drill and retap my spindle extrusion today. Not a big deal because it only took like ten minutes. I ended up using m5x.8. Still works like a charm

I internet says to use a 4.2mm drill. I used calipers to measure my bit first because I just have a drawer full of bits. The trick is to drill through first with the 4.2mm bit the carefully pick a slightly larger bit to drill through the non tapped side. Don’t go to fast. The aluminum is very easy to drill. I did the replacement with the extrusion still mounted.

Had the same issue. Didn’t have time to re-tap so I used 4-40 machine screws and nuts. If I end up removing the 611 alot, I’ll end up tapping.

I have a different issue with the M4x10 screws provided with the spindle mount. Once the rounter is in, they barely reach to the first few threads of the tapped holes, and I can’t tighten them down.
I’m off to find some longer ones, and I’ll pick up a few nuts just in case I need to do what Chuck did.

This is what I mean:

Same issue…starting to get a tad frustrated with Inventables. This type of thing shouldn’t happen…the R&D should have been done to know that these bolts weren’t long enough. My spindle took a dump…I BOUGHT the DeWalt…which then I had to buy a relay…and spindle mount…now the damn thing doesn’t even work correctly. WTF.

M4x16’s from Home Depot fixed it for me. Didn’t end up using the corresponding nylocks.

I managed to screw up the threads in my mount but it holds tight enough that it seems to work fine without them. I should probably do something about that…

Thanks for the tip. Simple solution.

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