Mirror image Font

3018 Pro

This happens for a number of reasons.
1). The wire pairs to the Y stepper are reversed.
2). The Y stepper motor was mounted on the wrong side of the machine.

On my little LinkSprite, the wires to the steppers had connectors so there was no way to get it reversed. Nevertheless. I got the same result that you did above. I went back through the instructions and noticed that one photo showed the Y axis motor on one side of the machine and another photo showed it on the other side. I changed the side of the machine that the Y axis motor was on and it fixed it right up.

I also believe that there is a way to change this in GRBL but I’m not sure.

Your X-axis is reversed if mirroring font was unintentional.

I thought that may be the case. swap it to the right side or can software fix it?


Whats your current $2 value?

For the X-stepper, flip either A+/A- or B+/B- wires around.
(Switch “polarity”)