Mirrored possible driver?

So about a month to a month and a half ago there was a forced update on the driver. now my machine runs backward and cuts mirrored. i was cutting acrylic so it wasn’t a huge deal at the time but now is troublesome. my machine ran great for well over 3 years with no issues. i tried uninstalling the new driver and using the old but always forces the new to install. what can i do to get it running back the way it had before?

That’s a new one on me. Let me see what I can find.

@AaronFreymiller An updated driver wouldn’t do anything, but a grbl update would reader your settings. The one you want to adjust is your $3 value.

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Either is is a change of parameter $3 that is causing this OR your X-stepper have lost connection on one of its four wires. This will cause normal operation but direction will be unknown or one preferable direction.

Check your wires and connection blocks plus your $3 value as suggested by Neil.

how do i get into change it? my setting are showing $3 at a 1? but it wont let me change

you guys were huge helps thanks it was set at 1 and needed to be at 0 all good thanks again

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