Missing 1 - 35mm screw :(

Very excited to start the assembly of my x-carve and I found out quickly that I am missing one 35mm screw. If there is a way I could buy one similar at a hardware store, I would. It killed me to have to stop the assembly shortly after I got started.

Contact customer service, they will get you one quick.

Thanks Dallas! It turns out that it is the 25mm screw that is used to install the V-Wheels. I have contacted customer service and await their reply.

if you dont want to wait you should be able to get one at home depot or menards or whatever is nearby

I skipped on to other sections of the build and have now found that the 25285-35 Socket Head Cap Screws are missing. I’ve made them aware of it but this is getting very frustrating, not to mention that the 1000 x 1000 mm waste board is on back order.

I just ordered my 1000x1000 mm X-Carve today and was wondering how long it took to receive your machine. Hearing that the waste board is on back order is not what I wanted to hear. I wish that had been mentioned when I placed the order. Hopefully it will be on it’s way soon otherwise I’ll cancel it and make my own.

Dan, I think it’s being shipped a few days after everything else. You never know, I’m sure they will have more by the time everything else is ready.

How long does it typically take to get the unit from the time you order it? Is it really 3-4 weeks just to get it shipped? I don’t even have a shop area to put it in yet but I still want it now! :smile:

I ordered it on June 23rd and it arrived on July 20th. I am still awaiting the waste board and the missing screws should arrive tomorrow and the other missing screws should hopefully arrive Friday.

Hi Guys a few pallets of waste boards shipped today. There was a two day gap because the vendor missed their deadline. There are more shipping soon.

As far as the screws missing that is completely unacceptable. The Customer Success department will overnight the to you and we will review it with the production team.

Zach, I am nearing the end of the assembly and have found that I am short 3 - M5 x 25 Button Head Cap Screws, 25286-21. I am really at my wits end here. I’m going to try a local hardware store tomorrow but right now, I feel like packing this all up and sending it back.

Hi @MatthewJamison I am sorry you are missing parts. That sucks. We can overnight them to you on Monday for Tuesday arrival.

If you want to send it back that is no problem we can offer you a full refund.

I’m sorry for the trouble.



Thanks for the reply (and sorry for my frustration.) I have been so excited for this build that the extended time it has taken to complete it is killing me (and my wife, lol). Paul is shipping out the screws.