Missing GT2 Pully set screws


Just going through the assembly and found that I am missing all the set screws for the GT2 pulleys. Opened the pulley bag carefully as I suspected they might be loose inside but found nothing. Are they in a separate bag? I went through everything but haven’t found them.

Are those set screws for the NEMA 17s M3 x 4mm? Maybe I can find some in a local hardware store.

I checked the X-Carve schematic here and I can confirm that the screw hole is 3mm across. I’m not sure what length of a screw you’d want to use; my guess is that since it’s a set screw, as long as the screw doesn’t protrude you’ll be fine. It appears that the channel for the screw is about 10mm long, so anything shorter than that should be ok, I’d imagine.

Email help@inventables with your order number and we will send new ones tomorrow.

Hey Zach do you have the size of set screw off the top of your head? I had them during install and just noticed that one must have worked its way out and no where to be found! I can most likely just pick one up from work if I know the size!! I have the Nema 23s, not sure if it makes a difference