"Missing Machine Settings" pop up, every time :/

Hi everyone!

I’ve been running the X-carve for almost a year now, but lately (I can’t recall when exactly started to happen), everytime I start again the machine (for instance, from one day to another), the PC recognices the machine, “carve” icon turns green and when I click it, the “missing machine settings” pop up appears.

Any ideas about why is this happening?

I don’t care setting my machine every single time I run it (it is not that often), but it’s a bit annoying (also it opens the “test carve” and I have to close and delete it).

Thanks for your help in advance and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Hi @MercedesChilla,
It is possible that browser extension is interfering with stored machine settings. We have seen some extensions being fairly invasive and preventing Easel from using some of it’s features. What is the OS and browser that you are using? Are there any extensions loaded?
Also if you by any chance are using Incognito mode on the browser that will make Easel ask for machine settings every time.
In any case you can always reach out to our Customer Success team to help you troubleshoot the issue.

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Hi @KacperMarcisz!

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I’m using Firefox and Windows 10. I’m not using incognito mode. I will try using Chrome or some other (any other recommendations?)… I wasn’t sure about changing browser cause (and this maybe was only in my mind) I kind of remember that last time I used Explorer, gave me a weird carve (some minor errors).

I will let you know if next time I carve something with another browser the pop up doesn’t appear!

Thanks again! Love this machine and all the nice people helping us “novices/amateurs”. :slight_smile: <3

I am having the same issue. Every time I go to carve, is get the “Missing System Setting” warning box, then i need to go through the set up process. I am running Chrome. Any insights? Thanks for the help.

My problem was solved by changing to Chrome. If you are using Chrome already, maybe changing to Firefox will do the trick for you??

Tried Firefox today. Same issue.

I’m kind of a newbie in all of this. Last hope could be trying with explorer… if it doesn’t work, do you have the chance of trying with a different laptop/desktop pc?