Missing Parts-- M5x10 Threaded Insert

Got my xcarve today-- started assembly but i’m missing two of the M5x10 Threaded Insert’s. Is this going to make a difference? I understand this is what the clamps screw into. Should I stop and ask for them to send these?

Give them a call or email and they’ll send you a couple more. I had the exact same problem with my kit.

I imagine it’s not hard to throw them in later right? I just left the very center two holes blank for now.

Depends on if you want to wait for the replacements to show up before finishing assembly, and how much effort you’re willing to go through.

I left a couple near the front edge unpopulated, that way I could finish building the machine, and all I had to do was slide it over the edge of my bench a little to put the last two inserts in.

You could go through the effort of un-bolting the whole wasteboard after assembling everything else, if you wanted to - it’ll slide out with the gantry pushed all the way back.

I like that idea-- I’ll move two over from the edge back to the middle. I decided to drive on and get them later.