Missing parts

Curious to know if it is common to NOT receive bags with the PROPER nut / bolt count. Seriously, a simple project made FRUSTRATING by the lack of specified nuts & bolts is enough to make me want to send this BACK. I can understand one or two items, but when several packages have HALF the bolt count it is supposed to have…

Oh yeah, love the makerslide that wasn’t tapped on one side. Your vendors need to put the beer down and focus. You’ll be receiving my list of items that i didn’t receive soon, once the bleeding stops.

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Hi @JasonShaffer, welcome.

It may help to know that this is the “Community” Forum and while Inventables staff is pretty good about engaging with the community on the forum, this isn’t really the place to take up an issue with them directly. If you have questions for those of us other users on the forum, I bet there are plenty out there that are willing to help you there, but I would suggest that you contact Inventables directly to get your specific issue felt with quickly. Here’s where you can do that:


They are super great as customer support, so I bet they’ll have you squared away pretty quickly.

Hope it gets better for you soon and you are carving in no time.

Yep yep…and as a community i dont think its a bad thing to point out what is wrong and from all i have read, a fairly common thing has been missing parts. I went to the store and bought what was missing with exception to a few hard to find items. As far as the build, its simple, not much to it. Biggest complaint isnt the missing parts…it’s the horribly done directions. Simple to build? Sure. Not so Easy to build when the instructions say one thing, the photos show another, searching for bolts in bags unmarked, wondering why my power controller has a rattle when giving it a little movement in hand…untapped markerslide. The instructions need a serious revamping to accommodate inventables advances, looking at routers being mounted that are being called the same as what i have and it isn’t tells me someone needs to put the golf clubs in the trunk and show up for work ready to work.

Or i'm just grumpy before my 3rd cup of joe....

Hey Jason,

Thank you for your post. I am loosing my mind each time I am short on nuts and bolts questioning if I did something wrong but each time it ends in me going to the hardware store to buy more parts. I have been extremely organized through this process and I am relieved (and sad) that it isn’t just me.

Same issue here. Missing a few M4’s which I was able to find at a HW store, but now I’ve got 2 missing aluminum spacers… won’t be finding those at our crappy HW stores here… luckily I have a lathe in the shop… but hopefully these are the last parts missing.

EDIT: uggg… almost finished and now missing 14 of the M5’s for the wasteboard… frustrating. I wonder if this is due to changes made over time to the design and not keeping the BofM and instructions in sync.