Missing screws? replaced?

cant get past the first step cause it says to mount the rails to the wasteboard with M5x20 button head cap screws. i have no said screws. was there a replacement and the instructions have not been updated? methinks not because the only screws that came with this that there are at least 14 of are the short M5x8 and M5x12 (qty 16) button head cap screws

is it because i didnt buy the wasteboard? and if so, does that mean i have to buy the matching slot nuts on my own as well?

well i did buy the rails so it would make sense to include the mounting hardware for them. obviously many people are going to pass on paying $200+ on a piece of MDF and just make their own wasteboard…

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What rails are you referring to?

the rails that mount to the wasteboard

no biggie, i’ll just go to fastenal and get what need for a couple bucks. just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing anything

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There’s a bottom 20mm extrusion frame that the wasteboard mounts to.

The Y rails mount to that frame using some of the screws you mentioned.

thanks guys, not worried about it. i’ll get what i need tomorrow. its really not a big deal…

I think I just purchased a box of square nuts and grinded two corners down to fit in the slot.
But that was like two years ago.

I didn’t buy the wasteboard because I live in Alaska, a foreign country according to FedEx.

I didn’t buy the WasteBoard either. I used @PhilJohnson new WasteBoard with the aluminum base and t tracks. I sis order extra extrusions from Inventables to create the torsion box style frame along with extra t nuts, screws and corner mounts.