Missing Set Screws?

Just putting together the Z-Axis on my 1000mm X-Carve and I can’t find the 2 set screws for the GT2 20T 8mm pulley.

This pulley (26054-04) was in the bag with the other Z-axis components (Motor plate, Belt, and Flanged Bearing) but it didn’t include any set screw in this bag. Just wondering if other people had set screws in this bag with their pulley and maybe I just didn’t notice they were in there when I emptied the bag, or if I need to look for them in a different bag.

The other GT2 pulleys (for the motors) were in a separate bag (26054-03) all included their set screws (8 of them).

Any guidance from someone who has already assembled their X-Carve would be appreciated.

All of the set screws in my pulleys fell out before I opened the bags. Maybe look around for where they may have fallen out when you unpacked the bags.

I was at Ace Hardware the other day, the did have a box full of these little hex head set screws for sale, so you might be able to pick up a replacement there.

The problem is that the x-carve is metric, and, not many hardware stores have a good metric selection.


If all else fails, try a local hobby shop. Many r/c cars use 3 and 4mm set screws and I believe the large Losi brand also has 5 & 6mm set screws

I had to steal a metric set screw from a 3D printer to finish my build. Once I had all the parts assembled that missing set screw was sitting on my workspace mocking me. They are very easy to misplace. I was building at a local hacker space, so I did not have my magnetic project mat from iFixit with me. Everyone should have one of these: https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Parts/Pro-Magnetic-Project-Mat/IF145-167-4

It would be nice if the kit came with a few extra of the most common screws. I lucked out and did not lose any, but it’s something I’ve done in the past. I’m pretty sure I dropped every screw at least one. And while I love metric hardware, it is hard to find locally. Thankfully McMaster Carr is always just a click away.

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Thanks for the replys, my first bag of 4 pulleys (26054-03) was like TonyNo said, the set screws were just loose in the bag, but they were all there.I was pretty careful when opening the Z-Axis bag and I don’t think that they fell out, but I did give my work area/floor a good look and didn’t come up with anything.

Thanks for all the ideas as well, I’m going to try going to a local fastener supply shop and see if they have anything that might work. I’m in Canada so hopefully it should be a little easier to get metric parts.

Does anyone know the specs for the pulley set screws (size, thread). Are they M4?

When I lost some tiny metric Allen screws for another project I was able to get replacements at my local Ace hardware. Ace hardware is one of the few places local (to me) that has a good metric screw selection. Especially for the smaller sizes.

Maybe I’m just lucky, but the “Mom and Pop” hardware stores by me usually have a decent selection of metric hardware, but usually not in high quantities. The big box stores, don’t usuall have the breadth of selection, but they have thousands off 1/4-20 size screws if you need them. It’s for reasons like that, that I try to support the locals when I can. I also second the fact that RC/ hobby stores can have some of the smaller items.

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I was able to pick up a few from my local fastener supplier, turns out they are M3.

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Hi Everyone,

If you find you are missing set screws, we will send them out to you for free! Just email the Customer Success team at help(at)inventables.com.

This goes for any part missing or damaged in the kit. We will get the parts out to you ASAP as to not keep you waiting.

Sam - :sunglasses:

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I had 2 extra Hmmm. I accidentally broke the wrench in one of the set screws when tightening the z acme lock nut Uggggg. Hopefully I never need to mess with it since its tight

What is the size of the set screws? I have some that have come loose and have lost. What is a part number or size that I can look for? I know the key size is 1.5mm.