Missing Steps

Well, I’ve had my SO2 running flawlessly (not really haha, but very well) for almost a year now and encountered a problem tonight I couldn’t really work out.

My machine is blatantly missing steps in the X direction. Really doesn’t seem to be V-wheels or the belt or the pulley or the pots. Machine is also cutting roughly.

My suspicion is it is dull bit causing the machine to cut roughly and miss steps. Anyone experienced that? Honestly I have no idea how old the bit is… I just grabbed an 1/8" bit from my rack.

If it’s the bit, did you try another bit? You may also want to try slowing down the feed rate to see if that helps. It’ll increase the rubbing, but if the bit’s bad then it may help make it last just a little longer.

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Check your pulley set screws as well.

@RobertA_Rieke very true. I may slow it down and try it with the same bit or just switch bits. Wasn’t going very fast at all, like 40 ipm and .035 doc with the 611 on maple. :frowning:

@ErikJenkins, yeah, I checked those too. Sooooo frustrating hunting down problems like this. I’m convinced it’s gotta be the bit being super dull. I literally have no idea where/when I bough that specific bit haha.