Misumi HFSQN4-15250-500 Aluminum bed

@DavidSohlstrom, do you know if the x-carve plate for the z-axis is wider then the shapeoko one? I think it might be. I’ll look when I get home.

The spec sheets and the items in hand show them to be the same size overall.I roughed up a mount for the 65mm .8KW spindle I have on hand for the X Carve and it seems to work just fine. I 3d printed it last night and it all lines up very well and should work fine. I would think the same mount would solve your needs and mount tot he Shapeoko plate just fine (about $6 from Inventables)
Here is a render of the mount with the Shapeoko mounting as per the Inventables specs with a 65mm spindle.

And here is the same mount 3d printed for 3/4 aluminum on a new Shapeoko spindle mounting plate from Inventables.

Everything lines up perfectly and should mill out just fine. I should have mount milled by Monday I hope. Will post more then if anyone is interested.

Hey John,

Are the 2 Misumi aluminum extrusions still for sale?

Maybe… I may have a project for them. Are you in a hurry?

Hey John, if the extrusions are still available i’ll take them. I need a new wasteboard and this would incentivise me to fix it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The bed is no longer available Nico. Sorry