Modified Stand offs

I needed more room to slide long blanks of wood under the rails so I decided to raise them. Might have gone to far, but well I did it . After running the aluminum thru the table saw I machined drilled the holes. The holes were perfect. I used easel and it was easy layout. Next step was to make a platform to machine metal, and to be able to continue with further modifications. Here is a picture of the table. Is is made of hard maple and has 1/4 brass inserts. It bolts down to the table using 6 1/4 20 bolts.

After making several trips to the hardware store. I decided to buy a large selection of metric nuts and bolts from I had good expereince with them. Now onto my next project. This machine is fun to work with. Phil Johnson I am aware that you can make stl files shallower. But I want to make 3D art. Thanks

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have trouble forming sentences sometime. Thanks Just got back from hardware store. Bought standoff at Home Depot.Going to work on new z-axis.

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That height could lead to some cool art. you could do a picture from head on looks like a bird for example… but when viewed from the side looks like mountains.

Yes, I like 3D art. I have trouble seeing flat pictures. I finally noticed that your name logo are your kids. I didn’t know what the image was. next … I have Aspire and I am having trouble understanding how to get a photo and make it 3D. The STL files are great. The funny thing about the file is to make them shallow enough to make on the x-carve. So I did the modification.Now I have the problem of making signs. So I made the bench. I bought the Open-Build z-axis. Have not gotten it to work yet. I like the z-axis that you use. I noticed yesterday that the original z-axis rocked because it is only secured by two screws. Well broke the band that drives the the up and down moment. Later