Modify multiple GRBL Settings

Is there a way to modify or update multiple GRBL settings in one shot?
Whenever i machine setup in easel i lose some of my custom settings and its annoying to update all of them individually.
Oh gods of GRBL please answer my prayers or questions (either is OK)!

@PhilJohnson has a solution. You have to slow down the rate at which each parameter is sent.

Not undestanding. I want to send a batch of settings. AKA a BAT file

Yes, but not a .bat type file, a G-code file.

Figured lol. Its not skyrim! :joy:

How can i do it and whats the proper format?

Wait for Phil, he has it written up somewhere.

He is somewhere off on a cloud doing his thing!

You just separate each $ setting with a number of comment lines to slow the process down and give the 328P a chance to write EEPROM (it’s really slow).

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Whats the method?

Thanks but i mean HOW to send and all that.

Just wow. What a terrible hack. Should not be required

Buy PicSender, they take care of it for you.


Pic sender?
Did I get lost? :scream:

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I’m guessing said interface accepts certain file types.