Modify multiple GRBL Settings

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Hack: sending extra pause commands is dirty. The firmware should support this, or at least the code sender…

Pic sender is an alternative code sender for grbl, it’s a laser first tool, but works as general purpose too.

Omg so yummy.

Yes, the parameters are stored in a text file (or files if you also use laser). PicSender reads the appropriate file at startup and loads the parameters into grbl.

You can edit the parameters, in program, and send them to grbl and/or save them in the file. You can have multiple files if you have several setups.


Wow awesome. How is it done? I do have a few profiles.

This is a work around for UGCS (and maybe Easel - not sure). When accessed properly grbl does what it claims to do.

Well, with one exception. grbl does not handle a serial stream overrun.

Note from grbl docs:

Most of the EEPROM access is restricted by Grbl when it’s in certain states, but there are some things that developers need to know.

•Settings should not be streamed with the character-counting streaming protocols. Only the simple send-response protocol works. This is because during the EEPROM write, the AVR CPU also shuts-down the serial RX interrupt, which means data can get corrupted or lost. This is safe with the send-response protocol, because it’s not sending data after commanding Grbl to save data.

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I believe this program can store and apply multiple profiles as well. Might be what you want/need.