Modifying Dust Shoe

Just bought the suck it dust boot but am thinking of modifying it, is there any pros and cons to have a dust boot fixed to the spindle mount so that it travels up and down with the z movement or having the boot fixed at one point.

Just thinking about clashing of shoe and wood or shoe and collet on deeper carves?

Can’t yet comment on the Dust Shoe lack of cutting depth dilemma as I’m just about to build my own but while I was working out the design I realized that, at least with the shorter 1/8 Inventables Bits that I’m using, I’m barely left with any cutting depth once the whole thing would have been assembled so I had to reconsider some design ideas - One has to take the Clamps into consideration too ;(

For now, instead of using a 2-Layer Acrylic design + Bristles, I’m going with a simpler but still height adjustable 1-Layer Debris Shield design that will hopefully prevent the larger and thus more kinetically prone particles from flying entirely out of the then just nearby and not anymore above the Drill Bit located Vacuum Pipe.

I have found the fixed height to be much better for the dust shoe than having it attached to the z axis. If you have the new MZD Suckit Dust boot you can make a couple of simple mods that I have found to make a huge difference. I replaced the 1" brush with 2" brush from McMaster Carr. I also removed the inner plate so that the entire body of the router goes down in to the dust boot. No more issues with depth of cut or the shoe being too close to the clamps as it passes over.

I was thinking about taking out the inner plate. Do you get much dust escaping?

I have only done a few test carves with the new mods but there has been absolutely no dust escaping.

I am using the KentCNC dust shoe. This one attaches to the router and moves up and down with the Z-Axis. This works very well. You just have to adjust it before you start a cut.

i think ill have to do some carving with it fixed and some with z travel and see what i prefer then start modifying it.

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Idea behind making that shoe attached to base is to hold it on the surface all the time and not give any pressure to Z travel. Because when spindle goes down, bristle brush is stiff enough and starts pushing spindle/router up a little bit. (Not good)
Keeping that original design is the best option you have.