Modifying the tool path?

My project has a two step process, the first is a roughing out of some large shapes, the bit I am using is a 1" surfacing bit and it does an ok job of this. The second step is a detail process using a 1/16" bit. the problem is the tool path that is generated runs the 1/16" bit around the perimeter of the large cut outs and then proceeds to the detailing run that I need it to do. How can I eliminate the detail bit from running around the large cut outs? I have variations of this project, about 15 of them, and each variation needs to be done twice as a set.

Another “solution” would be how can I use just the roughing pass to create the start of the work piece (this part of the project is all the same regardless of the details to be put in place). In other words, how can I use the roughed in as a blank?

Thank you in advance for any assistance!


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You can use multiple workpieces to better control which bit goes where (see video example below for a multi bit carve of a Catch All Tray).

It sounds like a default “surfacing” Project would be even more fitting for your repeat uses. You can Even save the Gcode (Project>Save Gcode) and then re-import that file (the door button at the left side>Import Gcode) to make it and even simpler repeat task to repeat without having to search through your projects looking for it.


Trying it now, it seems to be working. Thank you very much!!!


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