Modifying x-carve dimensions

I would love to own an x-carve kit, but the 500 mm one is too small, and the 1000 mm one is too big. I wonder if it would be possible to order one that is 1000mm wide, by 500mm deep? It is a question of real estate, for my garage is full of woodworking equipment that I have to move on a regular basis. I could fit the above mentioned one, but not the 1000 x 1000 one. My question is, Is it possible to order such a kit?
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I just started building a 500x1000 x-carve today. So far I haven’t had any problems. (Not related to the size change)

I ordered the full 1000x1000 kit and added two 500 maker slides and two 500x20x20 extrusions. I also ordered four extra feet of belting. The extras are because I want to be able to convert to a 1000x1000 at some point. I have the same space issue. If you contact inventables, they are very helpful and can adjust your order, removing the non-essential 1000 x-axis components if you don’t need them.

One challenge I haven’t tackled yet is the waste board. I have already modified the full size drawing to a 500x1000 version which I can share once I determine it’s accurate. In the instructions, there are different methods for building the base, depending on whether you have a 500 or 1000 model, I skipped that for now, not knowing which path to take. Once I have it closer to completion, it will be more obvious how to build the base and waste board.

When ordering 500mm maker slides, ask for one with the x-carve logo. My x-carve won’t have one. It is designed to go on the x-axis. I was about to put the 1000mm rail with the logo on the y-axis, but it would have been upside-down.

Lastly if someone would like to count and share the number of links on the 500mm x-axis drag chain, that would save time in case I guess wrong.

I’ll post pics later this week.

Thank you for your reply. So it can be possible. I look forward to see your photos of your build. On my side, I thought further and saw that I could put two makerslides measuring 750 mm. That would give a working area of maybe 31x20 inches, which would be ideal for me. I wonder if people at Inventables could provide me with 750 mm makerslides.
I think that The rest of the kit would be Ok.

So thanks again and waiting to see your machine.