Monitor stand

What do you use for a monitor stand in your shop? I can’t decide on stationary or one on a movable arm. Thoughts? Pros and cons to either?

I have 3 monitors in my setup and i just use the standard bases but my desk ranges 24" through 48" in depth so the viewing angles are good

but i have another monitor that i use in my work space area and its on a swivel wall mount computer and all and it works out really well

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My monitor and computer are mounted to a rolling stand. I needed a mobile solution that would allow my to use the computer in my workshop, photo studio, and a shipping area. All located in my basement.


Which micro PC are you using? Do you like it? I’ve been kicking around the idea of using one of the Dell micros from my shop computer, with most of the heavy lifting being done on my house computer - and then just have a network drive to access SVGs.

I bought an Intel NUC with a Pentium processor, plenty good for the shop computer. In the house I design on my iMac. Most of my stuff goes threw Easel so editing in the house and cutting on the shop computer is flawless.

Awesome. That’s what I was hoping you’d say! Thank you for your feedback!