Monogram Alphabet Collection for Carving (PNG, DXF, AI)


I found a great set of monogram letters online and converted them for use on personal projects. I figured there might be a few people here interested in the following:

The PNG images are actually this size; large enough for plenty of detail:

And here are the letters in the formats I have converted them into:

Monogram Alphabet - PNG (1.1 MB)

Monogram Alphabet - DXF (2.3 MB)

Monogram Alphabet - AI (2.8 MB)

For the DXF and AI files, I have not gone through and cleaned them up yet, so there will be duplicate vectors to deal with.

I do not own these images, and was not able to track down the creator through I found the original images on via Pintrest. I am only going to use these for personal and gift projects, and would recommend the same to others.