Monster Carve

Cable ties! brilliant solution.

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I have not updated my build thread for a bit so for anyone interested …

Replaced Z axis with openbuilds C beam.

Supper solid and light weight, Anit-Backslash nut for Acme !

I also replaced 3D printed Dust boot by something I designed based on bunch of new ideas on forums.
1/2 Inch Clear cast Acrylic from inventables worked like charm, 15 minutes cut and done !
To make it more fun I decided to see if I can make whole thing in Easel, made some compromises but overall I see Easel improved a lot.
For anyone wanting to cut one here is the link to project:

Some random pics:

Next step I will be making new X plates !

Also the biggest thing I carved to date …

Took 2 full sheets of 4x8 maple plywood !
Worked out great and wife if very happy with new gigantic book-case.


Working on massive X axis upgrade …


Wow, what a beast! Are you planning on using larger motors to push that thing around?

Yes you see the motors in the background dual shaft 4.0A I already installed them in existing gantry and they work great.


3 things worth noting here:

  • first appearance of a V-Con in use in this forum (unless I have missed something)
  • clever use of right angle connectors for a fixed dust shoe
  • there’s a bug in the forum software. when someone’s posting 28 days later, rather than this

it should switch to this


Crap ! no worlds first for me this time !

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I found a couple of mentions, but did not see anyone actually using it.

Rainy weekend so I had a chance to do some alu milling of plates for new axis.

Nice and slow but it took less than an hour anyways to cut. Very precise cut and I could not ask for any more,
I think its a true testament to my method of tensioning belts.

Bonus pic, all the prototypes I made from scrap.

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Where did you find the 160 X 80 ?

I’m using 3060

But they also carry 8016

Ah. Thanks

Took me a week to figure out belt tension at 90 degree angle in relation to extrusion, 9 wood prototypes later I ended up with this:

With belt and positioning I was able to test motion of X axis. Still with stock X-carve motors (new large Nemas are still on Monster).

And the adventure continues …

Oh yeah and another Alu cutting video …

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More progress this weekend.


holy ****!

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This is beautiful. My kind of project. Those belt tensioners are industrial!

Wow what a sturdy beast.

What size is that aluminium extrusion 80x160, or even bigger maybe?

Edit - I see I missed this info in an earlier post

Baby DeWalt , feels so insignificant …

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It does look rather diminutive on that monstrosity. Kinda like a body builder on stage and… er …um…:sweat_smile:

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