More Boxes

I download line art or drawings of image. Then usually modify them in Gimp when necessary. Use online svg converter, then final sizing in easel.

I cut this earlier today. Was thinking if nothing else I would use my trim router with an oversized bearing to cut the interior, then use the cut out to rout the outside. Does that make sense?

Can you share your Easel project or upload the original image or svg here?
File–>Share–Share with link->Save

I’ll do that in a bit.

This finished product using the cnc cutout as a template to rout the cavity. Then I cut the outside on my bandsaw, sanded on oscillating sander and a coat of spray varnish. A lot of work.
Going to maybe cut the part on cnc as before, but all the way through, then glue on a bottom.
Used MDF for the template.

@GregPurl You need to share the project.

I apparently deleted the original when I modified it. I will share the link momentarily.


That object trace have two paths, delete one of them.
Then use the Offsetter app in Easel
Center the two objects relative to eachother
Set inner object to Fill and 1/4" shy of full depth
Set outer object to Outline, full depth.

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Thank you.