More detail in rulers

Is there a way to add more measurement detail to the rulers in Easel, like 1/16th of an inch?


That’s a good idea. I’d also like to be able to type in exactly where the ruler goes.

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+1 on more detail of the grid system when zooming in…


+1 for me as well

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I’ll sign the petition. I could really use this.

Maybe could add a coordinate set next to the cursor. I/e (12,5) next to the pointer. So you know where your at.

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So is it safe to say that this feature has not been added even though this thread is nearing 4 years old? Or is it possible that it got addressed and I just need to keep looking?

You can always switch to mm to get more detail ruler

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Erm…never heard of MM?

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Inventables dev is super slow adding any requested features. They’ve added functionality and new features over the past 2 years, but minor cosmetic enhancements to Easel are rarely seen.