More Easel newbie stuff

Hi there
I’m importing G Code into Easel from Aspire, with the Easel pp…
When I do so, do I
Select the Easel Header and Footer option
Select Do not make changes to my G-code file
Not sure

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Its best if when you open that first import gcode screen there are a series of buttons at the bottom including one about vectic, there you can find the correct post processor for easel.

The default post processors included in vectric, invoicing the one labeled “X- Carve”, are not correct for Easel and that’s why you’re getting that prompt for the header and footer.

that’s unusual, I have the latest Easel pp, but once in Easel still get the choice as described above, On exporting g-code from Aspire I can only choose Easel,

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Maybe I need a firmware update, haven’t so since I bought the X Carve around 2017.

So no answer, OK, I was trying to V Carve it appears that I have to sign up for a monthly account.
It’s in the money.
I don’t mind paying for my adobe apps, they are cheaper than Easel, they have spent 10’s of millions on development over 30 years. Subscription for easel. I think not. FO.

I have not used Aspire so I am no help with your initial issue :frowning:

However, if you have had your machine and easel account since 2017 you should still have 4 free “Pro Days” a month for Easel. I do not pay and can not afford to pay for Easel Pro, so I have been saving my “V Carves” and special fonts for those days when I use the free Pro.

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Tiny bit of clarification there: Around April(it may have been March) 2020 is when the 4 Pro days changed for new accounts to get the initial 30 consecutive days of Pro instead. So it’s actually all accounts created prior to March or April 2020 that get 4 pro days per month still :+1:

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