More feature requests

First, I have to admit that I did not read through all of the previous feature requests, so here’s my request:

In reading through the Facebook Group posts one thing that is obvious is that a lot of new uses don’t understand is that the software is carving “THE WIDTH” of the line on the screen, whether it is a letter, number, line, curve, etc. And since these widths change as your design is scaled up & down…you can’t adjust the size of your project to get a better carve…a lot of projects turn out bad because curves, letters, numbers, lines, etc have run into each other. Right now, the only fix for this is using a V-Bit and setting the Z0 somewhere above the surface of the material.

My suggestion is there should be away to adjust the width of the elements carved…maybe by setting a percentage for the design, maybe for individual elements having an adjustable “BOLD” setting, where the percentage of the “Bold” can be set on elements.

Possibly, you’d set Z0 to the material surface, but based on the percentage of line width you wanted, the V-Bit would only cut deep enough to get the width you want.

Just my $0.02

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