More maching time

I was layed off just recently and I will have some more time to work on my wood carving stuff. I just recently upgraded to Mach3 and gecko g540 with the Ethernet smooth stepper. I will be doing a video on how I hooked everything up and answer any questions users here may have on the subject. I also donated to a x-carve user my old arduino and controller as his burnt out. I have a solid background in electronics and CNC machines are still new to me. I also have a 3d printer and I have experience with that for the past 5 years. My goal besides looking for work will be to dig into the JS used for Easel (even though I am not using it) and more work on modifying the Arduino code for adding any new features I deem necessary.
Hope to join in on some projects with others here.
Thanks to all who have put up with my craziness and were very helpful with tips and suggestions.


Good luck on the job search… and take advantage of the down time. I know many others that have wasted a lot of time doing a whole lotta nothing in those situations… sounds like you have a solid plan ahead. :slight_smile:

look forward to the video

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Good luck with the hunt… but machine time is always good time

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hope you find a job soon @StephenCook. I’m not sure the forum can take too much of your brand of crazy.

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Does anyone know what post processor for mach3 I am supposed to use for V-Carve?

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I use the mach3 inch post processor…I am not sure of the exact name…I can send it when I get home this evening.

I am using the one that is called “Mach2/3 Arcs(mm) (*.txt)”
Also I notice the motors sometimes sound like air leaking which is the frequency sent to them for run/hold. It never did that sound when running old system. Is this the Gecko or Mach 3 doing this? And why? I have never heard of anyone mentioning this before.

I am also trying to figure out where my problem is with an engraving.
I tested this in 2 different locations on the machine to rule out debris causing shift.
I have 3 images below and the issue is this. When its finish rastering it does an outline. The outline is shifted and you can see it is not correct. There was not job change. Also some of the raster is missing in areas.
There may be multiple issues but I thouhgt that those of you here who are more experienced could help me check the areas to see why this is happening.

Took the belts off and cleaned and checked the V-wheels.
Ran another engrave and the results came out much better.
Found a nick in the rail. but its not bad enough to cause any issues.
I am still getting one or 2 areas where there is no engrave. The V-carve looks fine but there are missed areas in the final engrave.
Any suggestions?

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I am using the one that comes with V-carve
“Mach2/3 Arcs(mm) (*.txt)”

or is this question your posting an answer to the problem?
I can’t tell.

Ok. I will ask Vectric if they have one.

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for a diamond spring loaded drag bit?
I did a surfacing of the board that the plexiglass is on.
The bit is not skipping due to Z height either.

Ok now I have my new 800w spindle and VFD.
Next will be to shim the Dewalt mount and then get the wiring done.
Called the company to get input on wiring up the VFD to 110AC mains but they have not responded.
KeithGrunow has kindly offered how he hooked up his.
So hopefully I can get the new spindle up and running.


Finnally got everything working. Now just need to get a new relay. 24v one to work with the spindle and then rewire things up properly. Then shimming the spindle to fit in the Dewalt mount. :smiley:

congrats stephen. share some pics of that sweet hog.

I will once I can get a mount for the spindle.
I plan on doing a video to show others how everything is connected.

Any luck with your end of job notice?
Got mine done

Sadly no. I have been working on getting a new upgrade going.
Also have to look for a new job too.

No worries. Seems you’ve been more productive than me. Good luck in job hunt

Well considering I have been working on multiple things it may seem that way. My system is still not up and carving. You know that nagging feeling you get when you want to make stuff. Its driving me nuts.
Anyway I have additional things I am working on that will make the messaging system idea I had worth while. Just have to find some measuring tools for what I need. (I am by far no machinist either.)
Working out the details of the message system, getting a probe that is way better than the ones on youtube, upgrading my system to a new VFD spindle and drive, and looking for a new job.
There is a lot on the plate. Took all day yesterday to figure out how to get the VFD working properly. Now I just need to get a mount that will work for it.