More powerful and faster router

In fact, their site has the drawings, and I have aluminum, I could just make my own … :slight_smile:

I use the 1/2 inch hole to mount a cross hair laser point for edge alignment.

Yep, now my creative juices are flowing, in addition to a laser pointer, I’m thinking widening it just enough to provide holes for the JTech laser mount, or a depth gauge \ drag knife.

I’m already building a model in cad…

Just be sure your X axis can handle the additional mass

I’m in the process of replacing the dual makerslide X with a single extrusion from Openbuilds… I’m hoping it’s enough, if not, then it’s back to the 611 and cursing at the bit changes.

Wow, at 7 pounds, do y’all think the NEMA 23’s could handle moving that much weight around?

The motors can handle it as long as the acceleration parameters are not to high.

What Makita is that? Do you know whatthe radius is for the router?

Not entirely for sure. I do not run a Makita. Sketch42 sent me the photo. I do know off of the top of my head that it is the laminate trimmer the size of the 611 and is commonly used on the Xcarve and other CNCs.

We did a lot of testing with routers currently on the market. The Dewalt 611 provided the best quality/price tradeoff. That being said there are always new ones available and if you move up to a VFD and a .8kw water cooled or air cooled spindle you can get even better performance and it’s not so loud.

I purchased a 3hp water cooled spindle to replace the dewalt. I just have not had the time to install the new spindle.

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I agree on the spindle part

how heavy is that 3hp one you have?

mine is 26lbs and that imo is way to heavy for the x-carve gantry

what do you think?

If someone on this thread knows how to do finite element analysis I would be interested in seeing an FEA model for the .8kw spindle.

These are the specs of my unit.

The 2.2 kw (3Hp)spindle including ER20 Collet is 10 lbs (Dry) and the mount is 2.5 lbs. of course this does not take into consideration any Z axis modifications or bits. Time will tell if this machine will be able to hold this spindle or if I go back to the trusty ol 611 for the time being.

Probably too much weight but let’s push things to the limit. Lol.


I would love to do that FEA for you I am just learning how to do it so i would not feel confident in giving you accurate numbers

Although the program that I am learning in is Fusion 360

were you can do

static stress
modal Frequencies
Thermal Stress
Structural Buckling
Nonlinear Static Stress
Event Simulation
Shape Optimization

not sure if that helps you out though


and yeah lol thats a big boy for sure on a little machine I would love to see pics after your done

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That is the Makita RT701 and its base diameter is 65mm

You can use the Makita in the DeWalt 611 spindle mount with a thin shim between the router and mount. I did a 3D print shim for my system.

Yes. I will edit

Would be my guess.