More tool bit passes


I am unsure if this is a limitation in G-Code (I would think not),

But can we have the option to add multiple (as many as we’d want ideally) tool passes instead of just a “Roughing and Detail” pass?

I understand there is a workaround with duplicating the work, then setting the roughing pass as the bit from before, but it seems like this should be an unnecessary step.


I have the same request for more tools. as your request hasn’t been answered, could I ask what is the work around? i’m part way though a complex carve and I’m not prepared to to have the machine running for hours. I’ve changed to the third (smaller) bit and it wants to run the whole program again.

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Hi Wayne :wave:

The method (workaround) to get more control of what tool us used where for a carve is achieved by using multiple workpieces (the bottom panel) and running each additional bit as a seperate carve. Kinda like whats shown in this tray video

Brilliant, thank you.