Most recent project with xcarve involvement

Since one of our office gals is retiring at the end of the week I was tasked with making a gift for her.
Here is the result.
20"long x 10" wide and 14" tall with the handle.
Solid white oak

She opened the box it was in and nearly cried…


Beautiful work!


Man thats awesome and I bet she is very happy!
Thanks for sharing.


Wow! Fantastic!

Very nice!

Beautiful work, I’d say she was delighted with it.

Did you just use the XC for the flowers on the lid or other parts as well like the finger joints?

Only the top 3d work and hinge mortises were done on the XC.

The box joints were done on the table saw with an incra-jig.

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That looks great. A lot of work went into that.

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Wow. Lovely box, impressive craftsmanship. I’m curious, do you know how much it weighs?

Thank you for the kind words, from everyone.
I would estimate 6-8 pounds empty. white oak is rather dense.
if made from pine or cherry, maybe 5 # would be attainable.

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