Motherboard burn out on first try

Hey everyone. New guy here. Finally got this thing together and did the diagnostics of the machine to make sure everything was good. During the set up of my first project, I noticed smoke coming from the control box. Inventables was awesome and are sending me a new mother board, but don’t want something that I have done, or not to have done to duplicate the problem. I noticed the smoke coming from the upper right wire assembly on the back. I’ve included a photo of the damage and want to know if anyone has any ideas on what could have happened. here.

Bad MB. I had the same. I will write a post soon about it. I will call the thread “Protecting the motherboard”.

… or you have some wire not connected properly. For the Y1 and Y2 axes you need two of them (green and black maybe, or green and white, check the manual please) connected opposite. Double check your connections.

… also, check for loose connection. If you don’t have a proper ground, it can happen again. In my case it was the MB, but I use a lot of robots and loose connections can cause problems, of course.

I agree with Vilmos that you experienced either a defective from the source board (could be a solder short somewhere or a defective component on the board) OR a short in the stepper cable, OR a short within the stepper. contact Support and they’ll send you a new board first AND HOPEFULLY that is the only issue…

Thank you both for the responses. The new motherboard comes in today and i’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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Before you drop in the replacement, see if you have any loose connection anywhere!

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