Mother's Day Gift Box

For mother’s day I made up a Mom Heart box
I made the box out of walnut in VCarve Pro, using a free project from design and make

The box is 3 layers thick. A bottom and middle piece glued together and a lid.

The lid was held on with 2 magnets

I 3D carved the lid and 2.5D carve the middle and base. The magnet holes were drilled all the way through the middle and part way through the base and I slid a dowel in them to help line up the 2 parts for gluing.

I manually drilled the hole in the bottom of the lid.
I put the magnets in the base and put more magnets on top of those with a drop of paint on them, then hand placed the lid. using the paint dots as a guide I drilled the holes. I had a bit of trouble getting the holes to line up because my hand drilling was a bit sloppy. (Next time, I may try a 2 sided carve to do the magnet holes just so everything lines up clean.)

I had bit of a problem with the carve as my machine was slipping during the carve. (it looks like my pots need to be adjusted) Part of the problem is I have not carved walnut before so I need to get my settings dialed it for it. I slowed the feed rates down and estimated some new settings good enough to finish the project. I have learned that the crazy fast settings I have been using are very material specific. And what I can do in cedar will not work in walnut.


Really nice, I’ve done similar on my band saw in the past but I like your idea better.

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