Motion controller and power supply for X-Carve

I have decided to upgrade to the X-Controller kit and will no longer need these components. They are all in perfect, very lightly used condition. This would be perfect for you if you are thinking of buying a new X-Carve and want to save some money. An added benefit is you will not need to solder or assemble these components and it will save you some assembly time! Here are the line items from the configuration page:

X-Carve Arduino/gShield Motion Controller Kit - [Add $120.00]
Arduino, gShield, enclosure, fan, USB cable, wire, hardware

X-Carve Power Supply Kit - [Add $76.00]
24V / 16.7A / 400W Power supply, interface PCB, power cord and hardware

Total price together from Inventables is $196 plus shipping but I’ll let it go for $150 plus shipping. PM if you are interested!