Motion problems Zprobe and depth

A new problem popped up recently. I had been using my 750x750 xcarve and then suddenly when I used the Zprobe instead of manually setting home the spindle instantly heads up at a 45 degree angle and down into the material.

Today, for the first time it is also cutting much deeper than programmed. I have a depth of .77" configured and the cutter is going at least 1.2" (I stopped it at that point)

I updated the firmware using the easel tool to 1.1 and also updated my windows drivers per easel to 0.4.0

Here is a picture of what the sinpindle does when using the z-probe.

Ok… More like 60-70 degrees than 45

Hey Dan, was this carve generated by easel or another software?

Also is the z axis hitting the top maybe as it probes, causing the probe sequence to fail?

You can check for alarms within the machine inspector page by pressing ctrl+shift+d within easel and see if there are any alarms showing, an alarm would appear if its hitting the top limit switch during the probe cycle…

Something else to check is that the z axis doesn’t have any loose hardware allowing it to drop by itself…

Oh one more thing, can you post the grbl settings that show at the very bottom of the machine inspector page.

Thanks for the response. It was created directly in Easel. It is not hitting the top limit switch when probing and when I manually set the Z home it seems to know where the top is, though that may be wrong because it is cutting deeper than expected but since it is cutting at the expected height and layers that seems unlikely.

The gouges where I have to e-stop only happen when probing.

The reason I’m asking for this is that I believe that maybe you re-did the machine setup and selected the incorrect Year-Model of the X-Carve by mistake, which WILL edit the calibration settings including the Z axis movement which could definitely cause this issue.