Motor not running as it normally does

Have had the X-carve for a week now and has been running great. Today the spindle would not start in auto or manual mode. Took it out and tested the movement, no weird grinding or sounds. Put it back and tried again but this time gave it a spin with my hand and it would spin on its own just not at the usual spin rate. Tried it in Manual as well for the same result. Any thoughts as to the issue?

What spindle do you have?

24VDC motor

Inventables initially had a bad batch of 24VDC spindles, that would last for about 8-10 hours and then fail. Symptoms of failure included loss of steps and needing to hand-start the spindle. They received a new batch of 24VDC spindles that was supposed to be better (the replacement I received still works), but they ultimately discontinued them and encourage the use of hand routers, like the Dewalt 611 and Bosch Colt.

It sounds to me like you have a bad spindle. You should either contact Inventables ( or the company that you bought the X-Carve from and see about getting a replacement spindle or a credit toward a router and mount. Inventables has the best customer service many of us have ever seen, so it should be easy on you to get this fixed.

Thanks for the help. I was interested in upgrading it at some point. I will contact them and go from there.

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