Motor Wiring

with all the searches, I could never find the actual wiring for the motors (without the inventables plug)

Here is what they told me for the XCARVE harness today:

more to follow as I plug in and try.

To verify which two wires that pair up you can:

  • Use a DVM and measure resistance between the wires, if it read a low resistance value vs infinite high then you have a pair.
  • Use the Continuity function of your DVM (if available), if continuity is detected you have a pair.
  • With all 4 wires unconnected, turn the shaft by hand and feel the resistance. Now connect two wires together and turn shaft again. If resistance is the same they do not pair up. If you feel stronger resistance/indentations then you have a pair.

You can find the pairs on the motor using a LED, connect the led to a pair and turn the motor. If no light then swap the two wires and try again. You can also use a voltmeter to check for voltage as you turn the motor. This will only get you the pairs, the pair of wires could still be backwards as in the motor runs backwards. I may not be remembering this part correctly but if it runs backwards I think you only have to swap the wires on one pair. Been too many years since I did it.

This link may be of help Stepper motor wiring tutorial – 42 Bots

What motors?
You could do what @HaldorLonningdal said or just read the datasheet.