Motors are not locking when ssr hooked up

So i ordered the solid state relay from inventables, got it hooked up and working, but now the motors no longer lock and the green lights don’t stay on they flash when moving but don’t stay on.clicking the lock button under 2 stage carve does nothing. Before hooking up the ssr i didn’t even have to click the lock motors button if the power was on you can’t move the axis by hand (not easily anyway). Unhook the ssr and leave power off for a few minutes and everything is back to normal. any insight would be greatly appreciated.
btw i’m using the older controller(g shield/uno) not the x controller

How do you have the relay hooked up? A wiring diagram or pictures would help.

Make sure $1=255 in your settings, not sure why it would change but sounds like the problem

Brian, where do you edit this?

It is one of the grbl parameters. You can read about them here.

The easiest way if you’re using easel is to sign in, goto Machine>Advanced>Machine Inspector There is a place in the console to type in commands you can $$ your list to see what $1 is set to and if needed type $1=255 in the console line and hit enter and hopefully your problem will be fixed. If you follow the link Larry posted you can get all the info of each Grbl setting.


Thanks guys, i’ll give that a shot when i get off work tonight. Makes sense after reading the wiki, but still kinda weird why hooking up the relay would change how the motors act. anyways thanks again for the quick response.

Shouldn’t. I’m interested in finding out what you learn.

Well $1 was already at 255. Any other thoughts? As far as the wiring… blk and yellow from the g shield go to logic and ground the relay + - go to s+ s- and 120 v on other side of relay. It works perfectly just won’t lock motors when hooked up. Ughhhh

If you have a multi-meter, measure the voltage coming out of the 24 volt power supply.

Is the router the only thing on the 120volt side of the relay?

Sorry it didn’t pan out but it was worth a 2 sec look :slight_smile: It’s weird as even if it was wired wrong, I can’t see it affecting the motors constant power as it shouldn’t adjust any voltages heading out of the power supply, but never know with these cheap china relays, hmmm. I’m not in front of my machine but have a look at this wiring diagram just to double check your setup. @LarryM is right a multi meter would be a great start, but also measure the input and output of the relay to make sure all is correct (Not that it should cause this issue, but all info is helpful).

I have checked and double checked the wiring and voltage all is good also i have replaced the power supply interface board. The original one was defective and giving a constant 24v to the relay no matter what position the logic switch was in. :frowning: