Motors not engaging

had a very frustrating day trying to understand what’s happened to my X Carve. Here is what I have done in the order it was done:

  • Installed new limit switches and wiring

  • Installed Jtech laser kit

  • Easel Firmware Update

  • Practice run with laser

Motors were engaging just fine using both Lightburn and Easel then just stopped. All wiring has been checked and redone to ensure everything is connected. I cannot jog motors at all. All four are not responding. Also my X Controller sounds like a private jet taking off.

Any help would be great.

Easel was operating the motors properly and suddenly stopped (i.e. in the middle of doing anything), that would suggest either something had come loose, or you suffered a failure in your x-controller.

Start with the basics: is your x-controller showing up for your computer as a device? If so, is it reporting any errors?

Spoke with John went over a bunch of different things. Ended up being a blown chip that showed very little discoloration. Got the new board and today and everything is working just fine now