Motors reversed

Anyone know why my motors reverse when I change $100 values in picsender? I’m trying to calibrate my steps per mm using the picsender grbl editor. The editor works fine but my motors reverse direction after the edit.

$100 won’t affect your direction.
Did you change anything else?
Your $3 setting will affect the direction of the motors.

As Neil state $100 dont affect direction, but if a stepper motor suddenly change direction its usually due to one of the 4 motor wires being disconnected/poor contact. If only 3 are connected power and motion will be as with 4, but directional control is lost.

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Changed nothing else. Only $100. Went back to easel machine setup and fixed it that way. Tried it 3 times, same results. It changed all 3 axis, every time. After I fixed it in easel it has worked fine since.

Sounds like a proper bug then.
$100 is the value for step per mm for the X-axis, and have no bearing for direction.

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