Mount Sideboard Above Work Area?

We are looking at ways to reduce the footprint of the X-Carve 1000, and are now considering mounting the sideboard on stilts above the work area. We can see that it might slightly complicate access to the left side of the gantry, but could be workable. The dragchain seems to work equally well curving up or down.

Has anyone tried mounting the side board anywhere besides where the instructions specify?


Hi there…

You don’t “need” the sideboard at all really… its function is merely to hold the XController and hide wires… if you have the XController, you might be able to affix it to the side of your work surface, or tuck it underneath…

Look forward to hearing what solution you come up with…

Good luck

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I’m still building my X-Carve, but I plan on using the sideboard as a laptop shelf off the side of the table instead of holding the X-Controller. I’ll likely mount the X-Controller underneath, more hidden away.

Thanks! We were getting to that conclusion, but thought I’d better double check. So close to powering up for the first time… very exciting!