Mounting the .8kw spindle

So I’ve bought the VFD spindle upgrade and all thats on the way. I’m
going to 3D print a 65mm mount for it but eventually I would desire a
more sturdy and accurate mount for the water-cooled motor. Does anybody
know of any existing designs that could be used for this? With 3D
printed mounts and some patience I should be able to get through at
least 1/2" stock to make a set of mounts but would rather use something
that exists instead of making it from scratch as my design skills are
still a bit limited. The basic wrap around design seems ok but then I
wonder if it’s better to do it with compression and one screw or two
front mounted. Then I have to figure out a way to make the screw lines
still drillable. Anyway, any advice would be great. I have the Shapeoko 2
spindle mount plate still by the way but I could machine a different
one if that was required for the plan.

I bought the dewalt 611 mount and grabbed some .03" polystyrene to shim. So far its been a treat, I do get some odd vibration here and there cutting aluminum, but I think that’s due to the way my stock was clamped. Its like $38 for the mount and polystyrene our website.

I tried using my old dewalt 660 to mill the mounts out of some .5" aluminum, but the mounting holes were not drilled perfectly horizontally so I thought screw it, I’ll just shim it.

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Do they sell that separately yet though? I’d rather not have to wait 3-4 weeks.

We sure do. Check it out:

Right but see how it still says 3-4 week lead time. It also wants it to ship separately from the styrene for an extra $8. I have wanted to order that for a while but did not want to wait that long. If it’s truly in stock and available why does it say that?

Im not sure. Maybe it does have a lead time still. Ill ask around to see what the deal is.

Thanks! There’s even an answered question about it saying it’s in stock but I have it in my cart right now showing a lead time and separate shipping from another item.

I ordered the mount about two weeks ago and it gave me the same lead time. I also had another item in my cart without a lead time, so I was charged separate shipping for each. However, both items shipped together just a few days after ordering and arrived in the same box. I’m still not sure why I was charged double for shipping separate items if they came together, but it’s something to be aware of.

Might want to reach out to They will usually make it right above and beyond. Seems you have a pretty valid point if they wound up shipping together in the same box anyway.

@JakeCollyer Sorry about the product page confusion. We are out of stock right now of the dewalt spindle mounts, but it shouldn’t take 3-4 weeks for us to get them in stock. Should be about 1-2 weeks for the next batch to get in, and we are working on expediting that to try and get them sooner. If you place your order now it will ship as soon as we get our batch in, check it in and pack it.

Thanks for the suggestion. I messaged them and they responded right away to fix the issue.